Our Mission

We aspire to erect our service on the lines of honesty, friendly operations and trust to bring the very best to the community.Our Key defining features

  • Customized and flexible plans
  • Extremely affordable rates
  • Best value for your money
  • Timely service
  • Free quote

Why Choose Us

Licensed moving company

Mega Move is a licensed moving company that is striving its best to align its services with the highest standards of quality and trust in the industry. Being locally based, we are well positioned to help our customers with their moving needs and offer them concise and flexible solutions.

Consistent customer service

We strongly hold an uncompromising attitude towards a consistent customer service. What really makes our customers love us is that we deal with them honestly, in a friendly manner.

Acquaintance with the local conditions

We are based in Corona, CA and cave your moving day if you are in the same region. Our acquaintance with the local conditions let us avoid and cope with any unexpected tribulations.

Well sorted plannig

Moving isn’t a straightforward job. There always going to be situations beyond your control and expectations. A well sorted plan and the ability to cope with such circumstances, is what makes all the difference.

Experienced professionals

People at Mega Move are experienced professionals, and have seen the bitter side of it. Their experience and cutting edge methods ensure that no matter how bad it gets, your interests remain at the forefront.

Affordable Price

There is no blackmailing or forcing into paying more but rather what we do is to understand their concerns and build our solution around it.


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