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Mega Move gives its customers comprehensive and all encompassing moving services.
We work closely with you and help you make informed decisions to make the most suitable choices with your moves.

Local Moving

Commercial Moving

Professional Packing Assistance

  • Local Moving Service

    Mega Move is your go to Local Moving Company in the county and surrounding areas. We, with our team guarantee you a seamless moving experience which not only saves you money and energy, but also ensures you a quick and efficient move. We are well aware of how things have to be dealt locally. Our spacious trucks and professional handling of the goods avoid any damage to your goods.

  • Commercial Moves

    Our commercial moving service is designed, keeping your business’ nature into account. A preliminary examination is done to determine the arrangements that have to be made. Commercial moves vary depending upon the nature and volume of merchandise. Therefore, we have specialized equipment and trained staff that is just suitable for your business. Get in contact with us to receive a specialized and customized moving solution for your business.

  • Professional Packing Assistance

    Packing is a monstrous task, if not handled professional. Our team knows how to pack quickly, and manages the whole activity in an organized manner. Packing boxes are used to store the goods and protect them from external damages. Moreover, they are deliberately packed in a way that upon unpacking they are easy to place on their desired locations. For any special objects like pianos, wine bottles and furniture, there are specialized ways to move. Get in touch to receive more details.

  • Storage Service

    Our storage facility allows you to store your goods for a temporary period. There are specialized storage arrangements for each type of goods to make sure that they aren’t damaged. Moreover, the record of stored items is regularly maintained to avoid misplacing of the items.

  • Moving Labour

    Our people are always available to lend you a professional hand with moving your items during loading and unloading them from trucks. Items are handled with utmost care. We know that some items are more delicate than others and therefore place them accordingly in trucks. This way not only items remain safe, it is much convenient to unload them.

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